Bill Skarsgard tested his creepy clown smile on his little brother when they were kids

Brace yourselves, people. Pennywise just got even creepier. Because in an interview with Conan O’Brien, Bill Skarsgard explained his clown smile — and where it came from.

We actually feel a little validated now about being so scared of that grin ourselves. Apparently, Skarsgard used the smile as a way to terrorize his younger brother back in the day. Which means Skarsgard has scarred more people for life than just his It audience.

Apparently, Bill Skarsgard learned to make the totally nightmarish expression from his older brother.

"It's a funny story because my older brother, Gustaf…he had this ability to point his lip in a very strange way. For some reason — I don't know how — I understood that I could do it as well."

In the interview with O’Brien, Skarsgard indulged us by making the expression without his clown makeup…and somehow it’s even scarier than it is in It. It’s like our nightmares have come to life.

So, we feel really badly for the younger Skarsgard. But honestly, would expect nothing less from an older brother.

It wasn’t just the creepy smile, either.

Skarsgard would chase his ‘lil bro around, and would pull a T-shirt over his head, perfecting this scary character that’s now going to haunt us, too.

"I would chase my little brother and scare him," Skarsgard continued. "He was traumatized seeing the film — not again!"

Our hearts go out to Skarsgard’s younger brother. He might be the only person who was more terrified watching It (now in theaters) than we were! Stay strong, little Skarsgard. We’re here for you.