PSA: Classic episodes of ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ are now on Netflix


No notice. No announcement. Just 31 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy magically appearing on Netflix. It’s been a good week.

Over the last few days, many Netflix devotees have noticed that Bill Nye episodes are suddenly, AND MAGICALLY, appearing as streaming titles. Um, yes please.

So far, there are only 31 episodes of the 100 produced living on Netflix. Will the others ever appear on the site? That’s for the Netflix gods to decide, but I hope they smile down on us soon.

Still, 31 episodes is great and will certainly keep us entertained for a while. As The Daily Dot pointed out (and we can guess they’ve already watched a few episodes), some facts that Nye taught us are hilariously outdated. Back in the ’90s, Pluto was a planet. Pluto’s not a planet anymore.

But our collective memory of a time when it was lives on, thanks to these ridiculously old-school Nye episodes. So BRB, I gotta go brush up on my ocean, wind, and dinosaur facts.

Image via here and here.

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