Bill Nye (you know, the science guy!) walked the runway in this New York fashion show

Who knew your favorite scientist was also a runway king?! Bill Nye strutted his stuff during New York Fashion Week: Men’s on Tuesday, and he killed the game, y’all.

Werrrking it for designer Nick Graham, whose presentation was appropriately called “Life on Mars” and set in the year 2035, Nye donned dapper duds and showed off a very different side of himself. Wearing a gunmetal suit covered in a spaceship print — along with his signature bow tie — Nye narrated the show then surprised audience members by taking to the runway.

Nye was joined by legendary space scientist Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, who ~moon~ walked (just kidding, he walked normally) down the runway wearing a shiny silver bomber jacket and matching shoes.

Here’s Bill Nye the Science Guy having his model moment.


And here he is with Buzz, center, and designer Nick Graham. Check out Bill’s smize!


Looking sharp, fellas.

Aldrin seemed to have a total *blast* on the runway, too (because “blast off,” get it?!) saying in a tweet that walking the runway “was as easy as walking on the moon.”

In a cheeky interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Aldrin added that he thinks Graham’s clothes would be perfect for life on Mars, where he expects people to be living by 2035.

"Nick’s collection is very Mars-friendly and every astronaut should look their best when they land there," he said.

If life on Mars looks this chic, sign us up!