Bill Nye walked in on these girls twerking in an elevator, and the Snapchat video is hilariously awkward

Everyone remembers watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in school. So much so that as adults, we’re all still obsessed with him. We understand why these girls stopped dancing: They saw Bill Nye in their elevator. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s Bill Nye!

With his new Netflix show (with a cool new theme song), the science guy has been doing interviews and talking all around the country. He’s even taken to telling us how easy it is to book travel with Expedia! But more importantly, Bill Nye is still teaching us the importance of science and how we can save the planet.

But this is about that time he awkwardly walked into a Snapchat video.

A group of girls were having fun in an elevator, dancing around, twerking, and recording it for social media. Sounds fun and like they’re having a good time, right? Well, wait until you see who shows up when the elevator doors open.

Now, if you grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, imagine your surprise when, all of the sudden, a random elevator opens to reveal the man himself? And these girls definitely had a shock! In the video, you can hear them gasp when they realize who it is walking inside.

The context for this video is a little crazy too. Savana Prosch (the poster of the video) and her friends were in Las Vegas for a music festival that Bill Nye made an appearance at. So it makes sense that he’d be jumping on the elevator with them. Still, it is pretty shocking.

And Twitter thought it was hilarious.


Who would ever think that their elevator would end up housing the man who had us all chanting his name in school? Definitely not these girls, but now they have a wonderful story to tell.

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