Bill Murray is peak Bill Murray while receiving the Mark Twain Prize for comedy

Bill Murray just received a prestigious comedy award, and we’re cheering for him.

The star is not only famous for being a comedy legend, but he’s also well known one of the only people in the entertainment industry who clearly doesn’t give AF. Whether he’s crashing a White House press conference or bartending at a restaurant in Brooklyn, Murray does what he pleases – and he’s pretty much as relatable and hilarious crashing random events as he is when he’s actually trying to be funny, and his acceptance of his Mark Twain Prize was no exception.


It didn’t take long for Bill Murray’s acceptance of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor Sunday night to exhibit some of his trademark quirkiness: Shortly after he was given the prize, a bust of Mark Twain, he simply handed it to a man in the first row. Murray then urged members of the audience to pass the bust around.


Murray actually had a difficult time with the event. According to The Associated Press, he said: "If this could all have been done in a letter that I received, that would have been enough. It's hard to stand still for this. It's a squirm-a-thon for me."

It make sense he’d feel that way, because Murray has never been much for ~Hollywood~. He doesn’t have an agent or publicist, and generally isn’t much for the pomp and circumstance of red carpet events. Those paying tribute to Murray – including his Ghostbusters costar Sigourney Weaver, and comics Jimmy Kimmel and Aziz Ansari – joked about his aloofness.

In a video tribute, Steve Martin even quipped, “I think you and I are about as close as two people can be, considering that one of them is you.”

Despite moments both touching and funny, Murray clearly still felt weird about all the love thrown his way: "It's really hard to listen to all those people be nice to you for two days. You just get real suspicious." Murray shouldn't be, though; he clearly deserves all of those nice words and gestures.