Here’s Bill Murray’s #1 tip for surviving the holidays

We can’t wait for the highly-anticipated Netflix film, A Very Murray Christmas — but we can think of few better ways to pass the time than hearing a couple of the very best holiday tips from Bill Murray himself. During the New York premiere for the film, the actor divulged all of his best holiday party secrets to Vultureand explained why he thinks New Year’s Resolutions never work. Unsurprisingly, his tips were pretty top notch.

“If you go to a party, I think the most important thing is to hydrate,” Murray told Vulture. “If you hydrate, then the party can last a long time. If you don’t hydrate, then other people have to deal with getting you home.”

Practical and conscious of others? That’s some pretty good advice if you ask us. Even better, we think it applies just as well to your average night on the town as it does your company holiday soiree.

And for those who’ve been hiding under a rock this holiday season, A Very Murray Christmas follows the story of Murray as he scrambles to save a live broadcast of his holiday variety show after a blizzard forces them to shut down production. Directed by Sofia Coppola, the film features one of the most star-studded casts of the year — and it looks just as incredible as you’d expect. Plus, the soundtrack includes all of our favorite holiday jingles, as covered by some of our favorite funny humans.

To find out the rest of Murray’s holiday tips, check out the full piece over at Vulture; and for even more holiday cheer, watch A Very Murray Christmas when it hits Netflix tomorrow, December 4.

(Image via Netflix.)

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