Bill Murray wore a shirt with the cutest ‘Ghostbusters’ reference to a baseball game

Just when you thought that Bill Murray couldn’t be any cooler, he pulls a stunt like this.

The actor (and ex-Ghostbuster) recently attended a pretty important baseball game — Game 1 of the National League Division Series, to be specific. The game penned the San Francisco Giants against the Chicago Cubs, and Murray decided to attend and show some support for the Cubs — his favorite team. false

Wearing a shirt that says “I ain’t afraid of no goat,” Murray’s tee references the legendary “Curse of the Billy Goat”, which was supposedly placed on the Cubs back in 1945. That was the last year the team played in the World Series, and fans speculate that it’s all due to Billy Sianis, the owner of the Billy Goat Tavern, being asked to leave the game based on the fact that his pet goat was bothering fans.


Crazy, huh? Of course, the shirt also references Ghostbusters — but that’s just a tad more obvious. All in all, the shirt was pretty much perfect for Murray in every way. And since Murray is often seen at games, he’ll likely get some good use out of it.

Can this guy be any happier? It seems like by attending these games, he’s just making Wrigley Field shine, and his support (in the average, everyday fan seats, might we add) adds to the “best day ever” factor of the whole thing. false

Of course, there was one wardrobe-related choice that Murray made recently which left fans a little confused — the Jimmie John’s hat.

Maybe he’s also supporting a secret love of subs and gourmet sandwiches. Hey, whatever makes him happy.

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