Bill Murray has a dog story he wants you to hear, and it almost made me cry

If I had to choose one word to describe Bill Murray, it would be “unpredictable.” One minute, he’s crashing a stranger’s bachelor party or photobombing a couple’s engagement photo shoot. And the next, he’s giving away World Series tickets or helping raise money for hurricane relief efforts. You never know what to expect with the guy. But whatever happens, when you see Bill Murray, you’re guaranteed to leave with a story.

So when I attended an Isle of Dogs press conference, I was chomping at the bit to see what the actor would say or do. Sure, there were classic Bill Murray moments — for starters, he casually arrived 10 minutes late. But there were also genuinely touching moments that completely caught me off guard. And at one point, he told a story about his own dog that almost made me cry.

In Isle of Dogs, Murray voices Boss, a mutt and former mascot for a baseball team. When asked if working on the film made him think about his relationship with dogs over the years, the actor spoke beautifully about man’s best friend.

"Well, I think your relationship with dogs isn't often a thinking thing. It's an emotional thing," Murray said. "And so you have to sort of get yourself together to correctly perceive those emotions. And feel them, those feelings, if you can get completely connected."

Murray also talked about how he and his co-stars prepared for the film.

"I think we all had to think about, 'How do I want to say what I feel about dogs?' That's what all the actors and actresses had to do. Was think, 'How do I feel about dogs?' And there wasn't thinking. They had to try to get to an emotional sort of catapult. And that's what we were able to do together."

Then, Murray told a story about his own dog, Tim Murray. And you might need some tissues for this one, because it’s a real doozy.

"I've had some very emotional moments, feeling moments, with my own dogs. My current dog was attacked and left for dead by coyotes. He survived. And he's the one I chose from his mother's litter. I thought he was the smartest one, and he was. But he's also the best companion, very good companion, easy to be with. All my friends said, 'Your dog is so chill.' He's way beyond chill. Chill is like, entry-level what Tim Murray is."

We don’t know what we love more: the touching story or the fact that Bill Murray’s dog’s name is Tim.

Isle of Dogs is now playing in theaters! Fitting that it came out on National Puppy Day, huh?

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