Bill Hader turned his “SNL” monologue into a “Californians” sketch, and we wouldn’t have it any other way

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta give the people what they want. And that’s what Bill Hader did when he hosted the March 17th episode of Saturday Night Live. Rather than spend a long time catching everyone up on what he’s been doing since he left the show in 2013, Hader turned his SNL monologue into a “Californians” sketch.

SNL lovers most likely already know what Hader has been up to, anyway. We’ve all seen his starring role in Trainwreck and the hilarious show Documentary Now. So the quick shift from a typical opening monologue to the beloved sketch was the perfect thing for the former cast member to do while hosting.

What little there was of an opening monologue was still pretty great, though. Hader marveled at the differences between being a cast member on the show and hosting it. He also pretended not to know that the celebrity hosts are chosen based on whether or not they have a project to promote. Hader explained, “I have this new show called Barry on HBO premiering March 25th, is that a conflict of interests? And they said, ‘No, it helps.’”

After getting his helpful self-promotion into his monologue, Hader then initiated an onstage costume change. The next thing audiences knew, they were watching a “Californians”sketch.

Check out Hader’s short but hilarious opening monologue.

Because you deserve to learn all about what goes on behind the scenes of SNL.

Then, you simply must watch the “Californians”sketch that followed.

Hader clearly knew that he couldn’t host SNL without bringing back the soap opera-esque sketch filled with people who obsess over LA’s numerous driving routes. Here’s Hader and his former SNL castmates doing what they do best: Speaking with a vocal fry while talking about the 405, duh.

With Vanessa Bayer’s character Rosa’s absence, the sketch had a timely plot that lightly addressed the deportation of an immigrant. All in all, though, it included all of the regular themes that made people love the sketch so much in the past. While seeing the cast of the “Californians” all back to their mirror-gazing antics likely left SNL fans delighted, it probably wasn’t the best “Californians” sketch ever.

The best “Californians” sketch ever was for sure the one in which Bill Hader barely kept it together.

Watching his face fight off a burst of laughter made the sketch about Stuart learning that he has cancer go down in SNL history.

Knowing that Hader almost broke during a “Californians” sketch in the past might have made him nervous to revive his So-Cal character for this week’s show. But he nailed it, dude.

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