Bill Hader’s Stefon made his glorious return to Weekend Update on “SNL,” and this time, he brought a friend

The second that Saturday Night Live announced Bill Hader would host the show on March 17th, everyone’s first thought was, Stefon. A Hader-hosted show would be nothing without his iconic character. Luckily, Lorne Michaels and co. know that. Stefon’s glorious return to Weekend Update was the perfect post-Oscars performance. It was Stefon at his best, and it will probably make you wish that Hader could re-join the SNL cast every weekend.

As you probably know, Stefon is an outrageous character who used to show up on Weekend Update to provide a rundown of New York’s hottest clubs. Those clubs include ridiculous items that Stefon describes in great detail. Take for example: “Lights, psychos, Furbies, screaming babies in Mozart wigs, [and] sunburned drifters with soap sud beards.”

While Stefon’s clubs have unbelievable quirks, so does the character. Most times, Hader would break and start laughing because the whole thing was just too funny. Everyone watching would inevitably break down into delirious laughter too, and it was the best.

We knew it was coming. But still, when Hader brought Stefon back, we cheered. And he even found a way to surprise us. This time, he brought a friend: none other than John Mulaney, the comedian and former SNL writer who helped create him. Mulaney played Stefon’s attorney Shy who’s also “a conceptual piss artist.” If you didn’t think that Stefon would go there, then you should re-watch some of Hader’s past performances.

Watch Hader’s latest performance as Stefon, including Mulaney’s cameo.

Whatever Mulaney whispered to Hader must have been funny, because it made him break into laughter. It was the perfect throwback.

If you haven’t heard the story, Mulaney used to mess with Hader during Stefon sketches back in the day.

"I figured it would be fun to keep messing with him so that he’d laugh every time so I just started putting new jokes on the cue cards in between dress and air," Mulaney told Conan O'Brien in a 2012 interview. "I need to throw Bill off somehow, I need to be unprofessional about this."

Now, if only we could find out what Mulaney said to make Hader break.

You can probably bet that it had something to do with someone in a wig.

Is it too early for Hader to host again? Mulaney can come too!

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