Lindsay Lohan’s “Little Mermaid” dreams may have hit a bump in the road

With the smash-hit success that Beauty and the Beast will certainly encounter at the box office tomorrow, we know that many other Disney animated classics are bound to be transformed into magical live-action versions as well. And of course, that includes The Little Mermaid. While the Disney project is still in the very, *very* early stages of development, that hasn’t stopped Lindsay Lohan from campaigning for the iconic part of Ariel and laying out her conditions.

But if Lindsay’s sticking to her guns and only accepting said part based on the fulfillment of said conditions, then we (may) have some bad news.

Linds asked for Beauty and the Beast director, Bill Condon, to also direct this project. Well, Bill addressed the possibility of working with Lindsay on the film, and his answer was iffy at best.

“I know! It was sweet, it was very sweet of her [to request that]. I hope she gets to make that movie. I feel like I was so lucky in getting this crown jewel [with Beauty and the Beast], but I’ll go see her in Little Mermaid, absolutely,” the director told Vulture.

Okay, it wasn’t a flat-out “no.” So chin up, Lindsay; there’s still some hope!

If the actress were to return to acting for the part of the beloved mermaid, we’re certain Linds would be a fantastic part of that world (pun intended). As a natural redhead with quite a few other Disney classics under her belt (ahem, The Parent Trap! Freaky Friday!), we can totally see her nailing the role.

And after editing the Instagram caption in which she originally laid out her requests to just read “#thelittlemermaid,” perhaps Lindsay has reconsidered. We certainly hope so, because we’d still love to see her snag this role and make it her glorious return to acting!

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