Riot grrrls, rejoice: Bikini Kill is reissuing their debut demo with previously unreleased tunes

When you think of riot grrrl, the feminist-infused punk rock movement of the ’90s, before any other band, you think of Bikini Kill. With a fearless frontwoman in the form of Kathleen Hanna and a penchant for pushing all sorts of boundaries in the male-dominated rock world, Bikini Kill made rock music history. But first, they released the demo cassette tape (back when those were a thing) Revolution Girl Style Now! in 1991. Now, modern audiences can get their hands on RGSN thanks to an upcoming reissue, which will include vinyl, CDs, and cassettes of the original tape, as well as three unreleased songs.

The reissue is part of the band’s decision to continue bringing back their old catalogue. Though former members of the band have moved on to other projects (Hanna to Le Tigre, Hanna and bassist Kathi Wilcox to The Julie Ruin), they previously brought their first two records back in the form of a double CD, The First Two Records. So, it makes sense to bring back their iconic debut, not just in new or recent formats but also in its original form.

While there’s no word on whether this announcement also signals a reunion (!) and/or a tour (!!), you can pre-order RGSN in any of its forms here and get the reissues and unreleased tracks in your hands on October 22. Until then, tide yourself over with any digital version of the tape you might’ve obtained, and watch the reissue trailer below:

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