Radness: Bikini Kill is reissuing their debut album with new tracks

As much as we may wanna teleport back to 1991, we can’t seem to get our time machines to function properly. Fortunately, legendary punk band Bikini Kill is making that dream [almost] palpable by reissuing their debut album, Revolution Girl Style Now.

But wait — there’s more!

Included in this album are three previously unreleased tracks. According bassist Kathi Wilcox, this particular trio of songs would have made it to the final cut, had technology been more forgiving at the time. “We just picked the songs that fit on the cassette,” Wilcox told Rolling Stone.

For those of you who don’t know, those are tapes…and we’re only half kidding with this explanation.

In light of the album reissue, Bikini Kill shared “Playground,” a playful, gritty masterpiece with lyrics fit to take you back to, well, the playground (Re:”My mom’s calling your mom to tell her I don’t like you”).

The other unreleased tracks will include “Ocean Song” and “Just Once”.

The album reissue comes out on September 22. Until then, let’s blast “Playground” and watch their Revolution Girl Style Now trailer, right here.

(Image via SoundCloud/Bikini Kill)

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