Here’s how to get a bikini body, according to Tess Holliday

Summer is basically here, and as excited as I am about water balloon fight days and beach bonfire nights, I’m also sick and tired of being told I have X amount of days until I need to have my “bikini body” ready. Every time I hear “bikini season” or “bikini workout” or “bikini diet,” I feel like I’m about to break out in hives. I am one of a billion women who is very much over being told that her body is a problem that needs to be fixed. My body is the best! It’s keeping me alive right now! Can we please stop worrying about the circumference of my thighs and maybe worry a little more about global hunger and world peace? That would be great, thanks!

Another lady who is over all the “bikini body” BS is Tess Holliday, a model who made history when she became the world’s first size 22 model.

Holliday is all about self-love and body positivity, as she demonstrates in her new short but sweet advertisement for the plus-size clothing company Simply Be. In the video, Holliday answers the question “How to get a bikini body?” in the most refreshing way.

We all have bikini bodies. We all have bodies worthy of being seen and deserving of love.  Whatever we look like, if we are going to be happier in the water in a bikini this summer, then that’s the swimwear we shall wear on our bods. Thanks Tess Holliday, for the necessary reminder. All we need to do to have a bikini body is put on a bikini. It’s that easy.

Okay, video time!

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