Here’s a bike crash from the cyclist’s point of view that actually hurts to watch

If you’ve never taken a nasty spill while riding a bike, congratulations. However, for those of us who have, this footage of a bike crash from the cyclist’s point of view might bring back some painful memories. At the least, it will force your face into a contorted grimace because it actually hurts to watch.

Just because people supposedly never forget how to ride a bike, that doesn’t mean that pedaling around on two wheels makes you immune to falling and seriously injuring yourself. Just ask professional road racing cyclist Joaquim Rodríguez, the subject in this video who fell down a ravine after his wheel suddenly locked.

In the clip that Rodríguez shared on Twitter, a camera he’s wearing shows him cycling quite swiftly down a winding road. He begins picking up speed as he heads further downhill, and just as he approaches a corner, he crashes straight through a roadside barrier and tumbles down a ravine.

We happen to think this type of fall means a day in bed, surrounded by pillows, meds and soup. You know, full-fledged pity party mode. Perhaps that’s why Rodríguez is the professional and we’re not. Other than a few grunts, he appeared to have made it out of this crash unscathed.

After assuring several witnesses that he was just fine after the fall, he immediately asked about the condition of his bike — before he was even up and out of the ravine.

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As Rodríguez tells us in his video caption, this is the behavior of a cyclist who falls. But we also happen to think it’s typical of a real-life superhero.