People are sharing the biggest mistakes they’ve made at work on Twitter, and it’s fantastically cringey

There is something special about the community on Twitter. Yes, sometimes it can be completely awful. Twitter has a major harassment problem, and that’s hardly up for debate. But every once in awhile, it us reminds us why we stay there in the first place. Whenever a group of people start to share a common thread, Twitter is at its prime. For example, back in April, everyone decided to share their most random celebrity encounters, and it was so joyful. In March, everyone decided to share their best glo-up selfies, and we could not look away. It reminded us that Twitter is great for sharing these things — the good, the bad, the personal, the hilarious. So when people started sharing the biggest mistakes they’ve made at work, we were all ears.

On May 3rd, Twitter user b3ta asked followers to share a time they messed up at work. Not just a tiny fail, but a hugely epic one. The replies are, predictably, hilarious. We appreciate it when someone makes a call for story time like this, because it gives us an endless source of hilarity. The tweet is taking us back to our first jobs, and we’re embarrassed just thinking about it.

These work mistakes are cringeworthy, hilarious, and sometimes a little sad.

First up, we have some coffee brewed with acid.

Yiiiikes. Ever play a very frustrating crossword puzzle?

When you don’t want to deal with something, just delete it!

Sometimes, teachers say the wrong thing.


Do you really love jelly donuts?

Spilling a bit of coffee is a common slip-up, but this one is extra special.

Extra crisps never hurt anybody.


Blush face emoji forever.

And finally, never trust a coworker with a computer virus.

Whew, what a wild ride. We hope everyone who has ever made a mistake at work (read: all of us) has found their peace and overcome the humiliation. It’s rough out there at work, but you’re not alone!

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