This 52-year-old grandpa is the biggest ‘Simpsons’ fan ever. For real.

Major Simpsons fan alert! There’s a man in Australia who holds the title for having the most Simpsons characters tattooed onto his body. Michael Baxter is a 52-year-old grandpa who has all 203 Simpsons characters on his back in full color. The officials at the Guinness Book of World Records have named Baxter as the official record holder for “Most tattoos of characters from a single animated series.” They probably should have also awarded him the official record holder for “coolest grandpa ever,” but one record at a time.

We are totally fascinated by his dedication, and not just because of the 203 tattoos, but because he got every single one of them inked onto his body within one year. We aren’t tattoo experts, but that seems to be sooo many tattoos in sooo little time. Not surprisingly, the tattoos have been a pricey endeavor for Baxter, setting him back over $8,000 USD. As far as we can tell, he seems pretty happy with his decision.

All 203 tattoos include every major character from the show, lots of supporting characters and a couple of the landmark Simpsons locations — like Moe’s Tavern and the Simpsons’ living room. Major props to tattoo artist Jade Baxter-Smith for being so spot-on with the illustrations, because that was a necessary component to being able to receive the award.

In order to comply with Guinness’ standards, the characters had to be depicted exactly as they were in whichever episode they were taken from. So, not only did the drawings of the characters need to be perfect, Baxter also had to supply all the information about each of the episodes that Guinness needed.

The art took 130 hours to complete. That’s five whole days, you guys — but obviously totally worth it. Congratulations to Baxter for officially being the most devoted Simpsons fan ever!


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