Here’s what experts say are going to be the biggest beauty trends in the next year

Every few years there’s a new dystopian novel or Star Trektype show to remind us just how crazy our futures will be as technology and beauty products continue to merge. (Remember all the crazy beauty regimens in The Hunger Games, for example?) Well, Refinery 29 broke down for us some of their forecasted biggest beauty blends of the new year, and we have to say… some of them sound more than a little crazy, not to mention like an odd blend of science-fiction and hopeful dreaming.

Below are some of the most simultaneously fascinating and futuristic beauty trends:

Your DNA: The Future of Skincare.

As Dr. Ellen Marmur, MD, and director of Marmur Medical in New York City, told Refinery 29, “[The medical world is] working on personalizing drugs to treat diseases, using your unique genetic information as a guide.” Yikes.


Meanwhile, German physician and researcher Dr. Sturm is using a similar type of orthopedic therapy developed for arthritis on the skin with her bespoke blood-cream service. “Your blood is drawn into a syringe that has irregularly shaped glass beads, which trigger the blood cells to produce healing factors,” Dr. Sturm explained. Seriously, where’s Captain Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher?


Computerized Makeup.

Gone are the days of trying a million types of cover-up on your hand. Estée Lauder’s iMatch Digital Shade Finder, studies photos of your face (taken by a trained technician) and then uses an algorithm of around 22,000 color options to dispense an individualized Lancôme foundation. Want that flawless, perfect, no-makeup look? Estée Lauder can make that happen:

3-D Print Your Makeup & Hair.

3-D printing is just for graphic designers and art school students. Smashbox Cosmetics now offers a 3-D lipstick print, which uses a cartridge of Be Legendary Matte formula in a 3-D printer to create a lip print that users can apply with a simple brush. Meanwhile, L’Oréal is working on 3-D bio-printed skin and hair that could be used to test the safety of topical products.

One of the VPs in charge of the research explained, “In concept, it’s the same idea of programming the 3-D printer to print architecture on an X-Y-Z axis… We just happened to use living human cells. There’s delicacy involved.” Delicacy sounds like an understatement. As Refinery 29 points out, there are all sorts of exciting wound-healing and cures that seem possible in the near future as a result. We wonder if this is how the folks at Westworld got started.


There’s an app for that.

Those of you who are obsessed with your FitBit will love this new product: La Roche-Posay’s My UV Patch is a wearable heart-shaped sticker that accurately and consistently monitors your sun exposure while changing colors depending on the wearer’s potential sun damage. The sticker simultaneously syncs up to an app that allows it to chart your daily sun exposure. The future is now.


There’s no longer a need to fear the vacuum.

Our ingenious friends over in Korea have created a blackhead-extractor that literally sucks dirt from our face According to writer Joyce Kong, it’s a deep hydration facial known as an “Aqua Peel” that uses a special dermal suction to get rid of pore imperfections and dead skin layers.

How cool is all of that?!

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