Big Mac has a clothing shop and we’re lovin’ it

For those of you looking for that perfect, meaty addition to your closet, look no further. To celebrate their “I’m Lovin’ it 24” campaign, McDonald’s Sweden launched a Big Mac shop that sells products covered in one enticing, repeated image of the Big Mac. This is so genius that we can’t believe we haven’t been wearing these items for years.

The online store is stocked with wallpaper, jackets (for humans and dogs), rain boots, thermals, bed linens, and a cozy blanket that we need both instantly and immediately. Nothing says “comfort” like images of comfort food on comfortable things. Nothing.

The new lifestyle line launched at a fashion show in Stockholm, Sweden, and featured models walking a “McCatwalk.” Yep. Here’s a picture from the event via the McDonald’s Sweden Twitter account (our favorite part is the guy walking around in bed. #lifegoals):

Sure McNuggets, fries, and Ronald (McDonald) are getting the raw end of the deal, but it’s not about them right now. It’s about Big Macs and their relevant contribution to international fashion, and the potential we see in the happiness all of this could bring us.

Here are some pictures of the super cute Big Mac swag we wish we owned:

Big Mac shopping? Let’s go.

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