That wasn’t Adam Scott’s singing voice, so that’s actually the lie of “Big Little Lies”

If you tuned into the finale of Big Little lies, you probably weren’t expecting a sweet, soulful tune from Adam Scott. If you’re suddenly thinking to yourself, “Oh my gosh, who knew that Ben Wyatt could sing?” here’s the thing: He can’t.

The last episode of Big Little Lies, “You Get What You Need,” featured the whole Monetary gang at an Audrey Hepburn/Elvis fundraiser, which meant that yes, some of the dudes where going to get up on the stage and rock out to The King. Adam Scott’s Ed was one of these guys, and earlier in the season, we saw him practicing his routine. TBH, it appeared as if he was going to lip-sync his number, but nope. Ed really got up there to sing.

However, living up to the show’s name,  the lie here Adam is not actually signing, and that is not his singing voice. According to Big Little Lies’ director, Adam can’t carry a tune whatsoever.

In an interview with Variety following the episode, director Jean-Marc Vallee politely explained: “[Adam’s] so bad. He’s so bad. There was no way I was gonna keep his voice on there.”

In a different interview with Vulture, Vallee once again reiterates the fact that Adam cannot sing: “This is not [his real voice] ‘cause they don’t know shit how to sing. [He is] so bad. They were so bad. So we had to hire great singers [to dub his voice].”

It’s okay, though. Adam knows he can’t sing. Talking to Conan O’Brien early this year, Adam confessed that he knew all along he was a bad singer, even after going through lessons:

"I was determined [to sing], and Vallee wanted me to sing, so I was like yeah, great! I'm not a singer, [but] I'll take lessons, and I can figure out how to carry a tune. It'll be good for the show. And so I took singing lessons for weeks, and finally kind of demonstrated it and gave Vallee a recording of what we had come up with after all this practice, and his immediate email back was like, 'I think we'll just get a ringer in there, and get someone else to sing.' [I] was very bad."

Turns out, Adam’s never been able to sing. Another lie? This scene from Step Brothers. Also not Adam’s voice.

Wow. Our world feels a little bit shook, but we’ll get over it. Now back to the bigger mystery surrounding Adam Scott/Ed and Big Little Lies: What was with that giant beard??