This ‘Big Hero 6’ Baymax bed is a dream come true

If you saw Disney’s Big Hero 6 in theaters at the end of last year, chances are you fell head over heals in love with Baymax, the inflatable, bumbling robot who looks like he might be a distant cousin of the Pillsbury Doughboy. Every time you watch the movie, you wanna squeeze him — and now you can.

A Japanese website called DeNA is selling a Baymax cushiony sofa bed that is literally larger than life. Seven feet, five inches to be exact, and for 53,800 yen, or roughly $430, this adorable balloon creature can be all yours to snuggle. It’s perfect for those afternoon naps, or for a quick cuddle if you’re having a bad day. Like his character, this Baymax bed is always there for you.

If you’re unzipping your wallet as we speak, you’re not the only one. Social media has been ablaze with users posting about just how much they need this Baymax in their life:

However, there is one liiiittle snag. It looks like it’s out of stock, and even if it were available, it’s not clear if it could ship all the way from Japan to the U.S.

But never fear! Of course, Amazon is selling a near perfect, albeit not quite as huge, replica. At 6-foot-5 by 5-foot-9, it’s still pretty impressive, and, despite its smaller stature, still sounds like the perfect place to snuggle up with a book, or with your laptop to watch Baymax in action.

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