There was a big error in the SAT given this weekend

Do you ever have that horrible feeling when you start a test, stare at the problems, look up, and almost all your time is already gone? Well, for some people taking the SAT this past weekend, that actually happened. I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

This nightmare unfolded because of a discrepancy in the booklets. While exam proctors are given a script manual, the students are given a test booklet. However, College Board discovered (after frantic calls from teachers) that the two didn’t match up. The booklet given to students claimed a section was five minutes longer than the instructions given to the proctors. How much of a difference does five minutes make? A lot, according to a parent who took to Facebook to complain about the ordeal:

This is when I would have started hyperventilating. And this isn’t the only complaint. Students all over took to Twitter to express their confusion:

So, what’s the big deal? Well, you can’t call something a “standardized test” if different people had different times to finish it. Some had extra time, while others were put under unnecessary stress because they budgeted their time incorrectly. It was, all in all, crazy, and College Board is working on setting things straight:

I say, give everyone a perfect score. And ice cream. Just please oh please don’t make them take it again.

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