Here’s a big dog carrying a tiny dog in a bucket, aka, the cutest thing that’s ever happened in life

If we witness one more dog performing an inspiring act of generosity, we’ll be left with no choice but to trade in our current squad of human friends for an all-canine crew. Seriously, seeing this big dog named Boomer carry its tiny friend in a bucket has us questioning all of our existing personal friendship beliefs. Not only are we touched by this heartwarming show of dog solidarity, we’re also a tad bit jealous. After watching, don’t be surprised if you feel compelled to create a list of questions to ask your best friend, number one being, “Why haven’t you ever offered to carry me around like this before?”

Hey, somebody’s gotta ask the tough questions. How else can one ensure that their BFFship is of the utmost purity, and can withstand the test of time? Well, for one, you behave like Boomer, a pup that obviously realizes ’tis better to give than to receive.

In the clip below, Boomer dutifully carries his fluffy friend in a blue bucket. This must be a routine for the two because fluffy pup is totally chillaxed about this entire setup.

Like, c’mon people. If you’ve been half-assing it on the friendship front, now is the time to get it together.

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Either shape up, or you’ll risk losing the best BFF (BBFF) you ever had to a pleasant, eager-to-please pooch that knows the importance of pulling its weight with pals. The world is filled with some very good dogs that are probably in the market for some new companions, so start prioritizing your bestie in case there’s a dog out there that won’t mind stepping up to the plate.