Why it’s a big deal Simone Biles is going to be in the Summer Olympics

Simone Biles is untouchable.

As in, that’s literally what the commentators said about the gifted gymnast after her jaw-dropping floor routine at the latest U.S. National Championships. The 19-year-old powerhouse performed so incredibly over the course of the two-day competition, she took home her fourth straight championship (a feat that hadn’t been done in 42 years). Her 125-point score was an impressive four points higher than Olympic-medalist Aly Raisman.

While she and her teammate Gabby Douglas were already heavy favorites to compete in the summer Olympics, the tryouts have become basically a formality at this point for the formidable Biles. The young woman has already carved out a place in gymnastics history by becoming the most decorated American female gymnast ever in the World Championship(and she did so in just three appearances).

Her technique is flawless and her performances are mesmerizing. Seriously, just check out this girl’s vault performance in slow motion. false


And if that’s not impressive enough, she even has her own floor routine move, “The Biles,” named after her.


In short, she is one of the best athletes that this notoriously challenging sport has ever seen. She’s consistently in a league of her own in terms of her talent and skill. And in August, she’ll undoubtedly be in Rio representing the United States (and likely taking home a huge number of Olympic medals to add to her already staggering collection). It’ll be fun to watch the tryouts next week in San Jose, but mostly just because she’s so impressive to watch (and not because we’re worried or wondering if she’ll make the cut). And when she finally does get to Rio, we’ll make sure to watch every second of each of her incredible record-shattering performances.

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