This is a big deal: The “Gilmore Girls” revival is going global!

Ever since the Gilmore Girls revival was officially announced, the world has been going crazy with speculation. Every new photo released by a cast member has been scrutinized for clues, every new official announcement has lead fans to gather and talk about what it could possibly mean. Who will Rory end up with, if anyone? What will her career be? Is Lorelai running the inn of her dreams? Is Paul Anka still around? Please, please let Paul Anka still be around!

But this latest announcement is possibly the biggest yet, and actually has nothing to do with the content of the actual revival itself. Lorelai herself — errr, I mean, Lauren Graham — took to Facebook to tell fans that they’d be able to watch the series on July 1st. Old news, right? But what she meant was, ANYWHERE. That’s right, anywhere Netflix is available.

The video starts with Lorelauren (hey, it has a ring to it!) saying “Hello” in seven different languages, and then informing diehard Gilmore fans that they’d be able to watch the series no matter where they are on July 1st. She gave a hearty welcome to Stars Hollow, with a sly little warning at the end — she said, “Be careful — we talk fast.” They certainly do, and we can’t wait for more.

Here’s the video: