“The Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco revealed why she changes her hair so much

When it comes to hair, many of us aren’t experimental. We find a style that works and stick to it. Well, unless we’re dealing with a break-up, then the scissors might come out…but for the most part, our hair remains unchanged. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s Kaley Cuoco: She is always changing her hair, and she’s just revealed why.

Over the years, we’ve seen The Big Bang Theory actress sporting a number of hairstyles, from sherbet and icy blonde-colored hair to long flowing locks and pixie cuts — it seems like we’ve seen her do it all. But she isn’t done yet! Unlike so many of us, Miss Cuoco is always ready to switch things up.

"Just blink and it might be blue or something," the actress told UsMagazine.com recently. "I always do something stupid to it. It’s hair! It grows back."


She definitely has a point there. Our hair will eventually bounce (and grow) back from our style experiments. Even the less “successful” ones, like the terrible bangs we were so convinced we could cut ourselves. But back to Cuoco, she’s currently rocking a cute lob and is absolutely loving it!

"I’m happy with this length," she explained. "I have no extensions in, it’s all me, which feels really good."


And really, if she loves it, then we love it. Remember those other looks we mentioned? Let’s revisit!

Here’s the sherbert look.

The icy blue beauty.

And the long blonde locks.

We’re not sure what Kaley will do to her hair next, but we’re kind of loving the whole blue idea.