Did you know that this “Big Bang Theory” star played a nerd in a “Cinderella Story?”

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most beloved and successful television shows on the air right now and while the show skyrocketed the cast to A-list celeb status, as well all know, everyone in Hollywood had to get their start somewhere.

This is Simon Helberg -- we all know him as Howard Wolowitz, the mechanical engineer who is constantly reminded by his friends he doesn't have a doctorate degree.

And if you recall, there's this magical little movie starring Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff called A Cinderella Story.

But did you know that Simon Helberg had a minor role in this modern day fairy tale classic?

The Big Bang Theory star played the role of Terry, a super dorky guy living in his own little world.

He's kind of like the high school version of Howard Wolowitz, no?"

Simon Helberg's character also appears in the big ~school dance scene~ where Hilary Duff is waiting to meet her one true love.


They just look like a young, high school Howard and Bernadette. See?!


Now, we need to go re-watch A Cinderella Story!

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