Here’s why people think “The Big Bang Theory” is getting cancelled

We’re really sorry in advance for hitting you with some upsetting news on this holiday hangover Monday. It looks like The Big Bang Theory might face cancellation after Season 11, for which it’s already been renewed. Although The Big Bang Theory consistently draws an audience and remains beloved by many, many fans, there was some speculation during season ten as to whether or not TBBT would even return next year — luckily, that fear seems to have been allayed (according to iTech Post, these are JUST rumors), but the underlying causes to that speculation haven’t been resolved.

Sadly, it seems like a combination of contract negotiations and perhaps some fatigue on the part of the actors who’ve been on the show for a decade will make next season The Big Bang Theory‘s final run.

Actress Kaley Cuoco was rumored to be looking to not renew her contract for next year. Understandably, after a decade on the show, Kaley was supposedly after some down time to focus on her family and personal life. While we would be SO sad to see the show go, we totally understand her desire for some space. (Remember, these are just speculations, so, don’t freak out just yet!)

Jim Parsons also might be looking to leave the show to pursue other roles. Jim has another role on a Freeform show, and it’s unclear whether he’s able to do both, or he was looking to leave TBBT anyway — but either way, it definitely looks like our favorite characters are feeling the need to try something new.

 On top of that, all three lead actors have been rumored to be stopped up in contract negotiations, because the showrunners won’t agree to pay them more than the one million dollars  per episode they receive.

We obviously want the actors who’ve been so near and dear to our hearts for so long to be happy but, like… do ALL good things have to come to an end? Reeeeeally? We’ll just have to wait and see if any of these rumors actually pan out. We have our fingers crossed they don’t!

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