At long last, the greatest celeb feud of our time (Bieber and Seth Rogen) is finally over

That beef between Seth Rogen and Justin Bieber? Quashed. On Instagram. To Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” Our hearts, you guys, our hearts.

The aforementioned Insta vid was taken backstage at The Ellen Show, where both Bieber and Rogen were guests yesterday. In an interview with Ellen, Rogen officially killed the beef by taking responsibility for, you know, starting it.

“I just called him some mean things on social media for no real reason,” Rogen explained. “And I’d only met him very briefly. I can’t tell you why I did it, I was inclined to do it at that moment, and then I did it.”

So, yes, mistakes were made, but it’s pretty mature of Rogen to own up to it. We dig that!

“It really hurt his feelings, as it should have, and a lot of people got very mad at me,” Rogen said. “I finally saw him today in the hallway of your show and I guess we made up, which is fantastic. It’s all my fault, it’s all because I decided to be mean one day for no reason whatsoever.”

Apparently seeing Bieber’s man parts had an impact on Rogen almost as immense as the rest of the world. He says after that he definitely wants the Beebs “on his side.” Oh dudes!

And then Bieber came out wearing a Seth Rogen mask and gave Rogen some skin and all was right with the world.

Check out the vid below:

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