BH Cosmetics is launching a zodiac-themed palette, and we have stars in our eyes

The stars have aligned: BH Cosmetics is releasing a zodiac-themed palette that will appeal to every astrological sign.

Just in time for Scorpio season, the beauty blogger-beloved makeup brand is dropping a palette of 24 eyeshadows and one highlighter that no Mercury Retrograde could slow down. Leos will go wild for the bright shimmers. Geminis won’t be able to choose just one, and they won’t have to. Even Taurus will find something to love (there are matte neutrals included, after all.)

This isn’t BH’s first foray into the cosmos. Their wildly popular galaxy palettes have made serious waves in the beauty-sphere, and they’re always releasing new and fun collections.

Beauty Instagram influencer Trendmood had the first look (as usual) and shared swatches in a recent post. #blessed.

There are two shades for each sign, an outer circle of metallic baked shadows, and an inner circle of mattes. In the center, is the star of the show, a baked highlighter which can be worn alone or mixed and layered with other colors to create dimension and countless other looks.

Play around and combine your sun, moon, and ascendant in one wild look. We’re not sure if rocking that sexy green shimmer will attract the Sagittarius you have your eye on, but it can’t hurt to try! (Actually, the plum would totally get a Libra’s attention.)

The limited-edition holiday 2017 collection has a launch price of $19.99 and a regular price of $22.99. For 25 shades, that’s a steal.

Buy the BH Cosmetics Zodiac palette ($19.99-$22.99) exclusively on starting November 13th.

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