BFF hair is now a thing, and Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse just went for this cool style

Cara Delevingne has been on our radar for a while now — she’s talked bravely about how modeling has messed with her body image, and how that caused her to leave the industry. She stands up for herself in her career and refuses to play one-dimensional women. She speaks openly about her mental health on Twitter, so that her fans know they’re not alone if they also deal with depression. And she’s also, always, a trend-setter.

It used to be that matching with our friends was kind of embarrassing, but now, we’re honestly starting to feel like it’s pretty cool to do — and it seems like Cara Delevingne agrees. She’s always been one to experiment with her look, and she recently brought her BFF Suki Waterhouse along for the ride.

The two went for this super cool style — long-length aqua dutch braids, courtesy of hair extensions and some amazing braiding skills from The Braid Bar. They posed in matching jackets, amping up the whole matching vibe, and it made for a super fun photo. We bet they’re wearing BFF necklaces, a la the ’90s, and likely have a BFF tattoo or two, as well.

Either way, those electric blue braids serve as hair inspo for the summer, regardless of whether you’re flying solo or bringing someone to the salon with you.

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