BFF goals I learned growing up with “Full House”

With the long-awaited premiere of Fuller House on Netflix tomorrow (February 26), I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgic. Full House was THE show of my pre-pubescent era. I learned everything from family values to catch phrases to annoy my brother with (“you got it, dude!”) The biggest reason I watched, though, was the friendship between Danny’s eldest daughter, Donna Jo (aka DJ)Tanner, and boundary-crossing neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler. These two gals were the epitome of #bff before that even became a thing. The best part? 28 years later, they’re still best friends on Fuller House and IRL. Be still, my 90’s heart! Growing up, this duo became my standard, setting the bar pretty high for all friendships to come. The fact we’re about to embark on this new, adult BFFness feels like we’re all winning the time-machine lotto. In all the years of watching, here is what I’ve learned from my all-time fav besties.

Friends cover for each other

Remember all the times DJ snuck out of the house (usually to meet her boyfriend, Steve)? Aunt Becky tried to cover once but other times? Kimmy. There was the time at Steve’s apartment and another at the movie theater when Kimmy’s job was at stake (and countless others bc when will she learn?) Wrong choices, Deej! But thanks to Kimmy (and shout-out to little sisters, Stephanie and Michelle for keeping it real), DJ often found her way out of these situations, however long she was grounded after, friendship still in tact and maybe stronger than ever. Ride or die for life!

The best friends are like family

Good old Danny Tanner and crew didn’t seem to believe in locking the doors. No matter. It just means Kimmy Gibbler didn’t need an actual key to bust in on whatever family gathering was currently in action. In fact, Kimmy never bothered to even knock or call before coming over either because the best friends are the ones that already feel like they belong; they’re family.

BFFs endure all

Remember when Kimmy dumped Deej for the “cool” girls at school even when they were rude? Barf. They didn’t even know her name, calling her Kammy instead. It wasn’t long before Kimmy realized her mistake and made up with her real friend. Lesson to all besties: stick with friends who would never call you, or your BFF a “double geekburger.” Like ever. If you do find yourself with someone who “pulls a Kimmy,” forgive, forget, then sneak out to meet 80’s pop star, Stacy Q just because. #truth

Sisters before misters

Remember that time DJ spazzed in regards to Kimmy’s 16th birthday because she was SO hung up on her boyfriend, Steve. Insert all the screams! Relationships come and go but friends—the good ones—are forever. So don’t leave them in the dust when your gaga over hottie McHot, even if he is the voice of Aladdin.

Keep it real

One episode I still think about is the one where Kimmy gets drunk at a college frat party. This was important for two major reasons: 1) Kimmy was underage but more so 2) it’s revealed DJ’s mom, Pamela, was killed by a drunk driver. This was a sobering look at, not only how influential Full House was in general, but to real teens (like myself at the time). DJ handled it like a pro, taking Kimmy’s keys—something we should all do if faced with this scenario – and therefore becoming everyone’s hero. Especially Kimmy’s.

Opposites really do attract

Kimmy and DJ couldn’t be more different. DJ, although a pioneer in fashion choices and being an individual, is a more straight-laced. She’s a model student who thinks things through (for the most part), and carries that “oldest child” thing well, teaching her younger siblings life lessons as she goes through them herself. Kimmy, on the other hand, is more of a wild-child with a wacky wardrobe and unfiltered mouth. She acts without thinking, though almost always has DJ’s best interests at heart and would go to bat for her in a nanosecond. They balance each other out in the best ways possible. Isn’t that what all friendships should do?

Loyalty is key

Kimmy is still around in Fuller house some 2+ decades later to help her recently widowed friend who now has children of her own. This tells me their characters, though having been through a lot, really were/are the best of friends. Lapses in time or periods of disconnect mean nothing. The point is, they’re still there for each other when it counts. Period.

DJ and Kimmy clearly had the BFF thing down and TBH, it’s a friendship I wish I had growing up. They picked each other up, made each other laugh, and most of all, embraced each other’s flaws, quirks and all. If we could all have a DJ or Kimmy, life would be so much more fun, wouldn’t it? #squadgoals.

Thank you, Fuller House, for your awesome return. You complete me.

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