Beyond Scrapbooks: Cool DIY Travel Crafts

So, you’re back from vacation.

Maybe you’ve unpacked.

Maybe your suitcase will sit open on your bedroom floor for weeks, until you’ve slowly removed each item, one at a time.

Maybe you’ve already uploaded your photos and shared them with friends, family, and the entire Internet.

Maybe your pictures will languish on your computer and/or phone until you need to make room for your next trip, months (hopefully not years) down the line.

Maybe you’d already decided how to immortalize your trip before you even stepped foot outside your door.

Or maybe you’re like me, and you have the best intentions, but in spite of those intentions, you find yourself sticking your ticket stubs and souvenir napkins into a shoebox and shoving said box under your bed or in the closet, fully intending to do something with them as soon as you find the “perfect” way to display them.

Well, I’ve decided it’s high time I empty out those shoeboxes and get crafty. I plan to use everything I’ve collected over the years to DIY some cool art that will decorate my walls and celebrate my travels. That’ right; it’s time to throw out the shoeboxes I’ve been hoarding and bring my favorite ticket stubs and trinkets out of the dark and into my everyday life.

I’m not sure if I’ll do all of these right away, but without further adieu, here are my favorite ideas for ways to commemorate your trip and make the memories part of your everyday living space.

Keepsake boxes: These appeal to my realistic, lazy side (I think of them as classier, displayable versions of my shoebox-ticket-holder-boxes). I may never get around to painstakingly matting and framing my first plane ticket, but darn it, I can paint a cute box and dump everything inside. I love the look of these Martha Stewart keepsake travel boxes, with the destination stenciled on the side. Also, they kind of look like books; cool, travel-souvenir-filled faux books.

Ticket Stub Pillow: I love ticket stubs. I love pillows. So I super-love this idea that combines the two. Just take a ticket stub/plane ticket to a copy place like Kinko’s and have them enlarge it and print it onto fabric transfer paper. Then grab an iron, some fabric, and a pillow form. You’re ready to make a totally cool, one-of-a-kind place to lay your head and dream about your next adventure. If you’re really crafty, you can skip the copy place and do the ticket scanning/heat transfer printing yourself.

Shadow boxes: I love the look of these shadow boxes, with the destination in bold lettering and the ability to include objects more substantial than just ticket stubs and brochures (think coins/tokens, seashells, keys). I love art that is personalized, and my favorite thing about these is that I just have to glance up at the wall to relive my adventures (as opposed to having to open up a scrapbook or a photo album).

What’s your favorite way to display your travel souvenirs?

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