Beyoncé’s latest incredible pregnancy look is a tribute to Michael Jackson

Remember the time a very pregnant Beyoncé wore a Michael Jackson inspired jacket, and danced the night away to the sounds of the Prince of Pop and the purple one at a star studded themed birthday party? No? Well, the rest of the world is totally with you on this one. And according to Bey’s latest pregnancy post on Instagram, we have a ton of catching up to do.

You may have heard the claims about Queen Bey and bestie Kelly Rowland attending Jessica Alba’s 36th birthday party last month. The Prince and MJ themed party was super low key, and also housed the likes of Nicole Richie and Shay Mitchell. Jessica’s hubby Cash Warren penned a loving note to his birthday bride after the event. But other than that, not a lot of footage from the night’s festivities was shared. You know, like of Beyoncé getting her life to mixes of MJ’s “Rock With You” on the floor. Or of Bey sharing a touching moment with the Into The Blue actress upon entry, as a few eyewitness accounts suggest.

Lucky for us, Beyoncé decided not to keep us completely in the dark about the enjoyable party. The songstress and soon-to-be mom of three gave us a taste of her stunning frock on the web. And we’re so grateful.

Beyoncé showed off her fierce pregnancy style in this Michael Jackson tribute video on Instagram.

Okay, so it’s not a video of the icon shaking a groove thang. But, it’s more than enough to give us a little Queen Bey fix.

Can we talk about Beyoncé’s amazing preggers fashion for a bit? She’s definitely been serving up some heat, and we’re living for every bit of it. After years of snatching edges and taking names, we’ve learned to never doubt the pop queen in any form. And apparently her superb fashion sense is of no exception.

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