Beyoncé’s NOLA tour stop is the best yet, and here’s why

Beyoncé’s Formation Tour is wrapping up, and we’re all kind of sad. We know by now that when one tour ends Beyoncé is already gearing up for her next secret project, but we still hate to see her disappear. But, in her final stops in the south the queen turned it up a notch, being sure to leave all of her fans with a little something to talk about.

She’s from Texas with Louisiana roots, so you can expect those shows to be full of surprises – and they most definitely were. Beyoncé showed off some of her best outfits during the Houston stop, but she completely blew the roof off of the Superdome with an unexpected, yet highly requested guest in New Orleans. While in The Big Easy, Big Freedia, who’s featured on the original Formation track, made a live introduction at the show, instead of her usual recorded lyrics!


Dressed to the nines in her black Formation uniform and flat brimmed hat, the queen of bounce hit the crowd with her infamous lines:

"I did not come to play with you hoes. I like cornbread and collard greens."

The New Orleans trailblazer, Big Freedia, was asked to collaborate with Beyoncé on Formation just a few days before its release. And as requested, her ad-libs in the beginning of the song gives it the NOLA flavor that we needed. Beyoncé is pretty good when it comes to keeping a tight lip about her next moves, and things weren’t that much different this time around. According to, Big Freedia didn’t get the call to open up for the tour until the last minute.

"Well, they're very secretive about everything so I got the call at the last minute," she said. "When I hit the stage, my heart was pounding. Right right before I came onstage, [Beyoncé] gave me a little kiss on my hand, and I just died on the steps. It was very special for me tonight and special for me to represent New Orleans and represent the queen who holds it down."

Very special, indeed!

Beyoncé adding such an integral piece of New Orleans’ sound and culture to her show was everything! And we can’t wait for more Big Freedia collabs in the future.

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