A Beyoncé and Jay Z mash-up album exists, and it’s incredibly good, obviously

They took us on the run with them, but that only left us thirsting for more joint efforts from music’s power couple. Thankfully, some super talented, thoughtful individual had the presence of mind to create an unofficial Beyoncé and Jay Z mashup album, and OMG Y’ALL, it’s SO good.

We know, we know: The world is presently more obsessed, er, concerned about whether or not Beyoncé is in labor (um, is she? we need receipts STAT), but until we see the Queen toting the soon-to-be-but-already-famous Carter twins around, we’ll keep ourselves occupied and jamming with this Bey and Jay album that the Universe has bestowed upon us.

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Actually, we can’t give the Universe all the credit.

As Billboard reports, the eight-track album dubbed “Bey-Z” was the handiwork of a 19-year-old music producer named amorphous.

The album seamlessly combines Beyoncé’s vocals over instrumentals from some of Jay Z’s most classic songs, and the results are brilliant. Amorphous told Complex that he started to sing “Formation” over one of Jay Z’s beats, which instantly gave him an idea for the mashup album.

"I immediately rushed home as I knew that I had something interesting on my hands and got to working. I completed it in several minutes, adding some small production elements of my own, he said. "I [tried] to find songs that worked together lyrically in some aspects but truly complimented each other."

And it worked magically. Tracks like “***Flawless Keys,” “Partition Frontin’” and “Formation Who?” give us the best of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s musical worlds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp2t1GkLVWQ

Sweet! Check out “Bey-Z” in its entirety on Bandcamp. Hopefully the Carters approve of these amazing sounds because we totally do!