Here’s why Beyoncé’s hair always looks amazing

Beyoncé always looks amazing. She’s Beyoncé. That’s kind of her thing.

But every time she slays on the red carpet or looks flawless in an Instagram snap, she’s relied on one magical lady to make her hair look ah-mazing.

Beyoncé (and a ton of other celebs like Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, and Madonna) rely on Rita Hazan to keep their color game tight.

Hazan recently spoke to about working with top celebs, saying “Keeping the hair healthy was a major thing for me, and I think people recognized that and they saw that the hair always looks good. I mean you have to imagine, these women blow dry flat iron, curl their hair every day. It comes down to maintenance and care.”

While most of us won’t ever have Beyoncé-level hair (because, well, she’s Beyoncé), Hazan has tips to get your color game in top form too. She used these methods to get Bey’s formation look, and anything good enough for Queen Bey, is good enough for all of us.

Just make sure to find a color that suits you, be realistic about what you want, get the right products (Hazan has a line of products if you need suggestions), and plan on regular maintenance.

And remember, if you follow Hazan’s advice, you’ll basically have the same hair routine as Beyoncé. Which means you’re one step closer to running the world, too.

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