People on the internet can’t handle how awkward and weird this Beyoncé wax figure looks

While we used to quite like the idea of someone making wax figure in our likeness, now that we’ve seen this wax figure of Beyoncé, we’re seriously questioning everything we’ve ever thought.

Of course, wax figures can turn out quite well — take this super realistic and recent one of Kylie Jenner or Zoe Saldana’s hyper realistic likeness, for example. However, more often than not, we see hilarious and weirdly disturbing wax figures like Zac Efron looking like Adam Levine, or this rather scary-looking Ryan Gosling. Basically, wax figures can totally be hit or miss.

However, this latest one of Beyoncé has a lot of people seriously confused.


After seeing the picture of the wax figure on social media, people had a lot of questions. While there are *some* similarities between the IRL Bey and this imposter (basically just the pose and the hair), that’s seemingly where it ends.

The wax figure’s face is seriously different, and people were also quick to note that the model’s skin tone was WAY too light (one user on Twitter described it as “a melanin-defunct, lipless, thickless Bey”).

One user actually thought it was Lindsay Lohan!

Others were convinced it was actually Shakira. false


Indeed, it was noted that this wasn’t the first time that Queen B’s image had been recreated in a less than flattering light in wax.

Earlier this year, a wax museum in Canada was lambasted on the internet after this wax figure of Beyoncé was uncovered.

The one in Amsterdam wasn’t much better, either.

Or this one…

Queen Bey herself hasn’t commented on the shocking wax figures, and knowing her she probably won’t. Anyways, she’s probably too busy with them beybies to be fussed.

The singer recently shared the first picture of the twins on social media, and it was absolutely marvelous.

Hopefully, now that these wax figures have gone viral, people will stop making terrible, *terrible* figures of Beyoncé!

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