People are LOSING it over this terrible Beyoncé wax figure

People are seriously losing their minds over this Beyoncé wax figure, but not for the reasons you’d expect. Instead of losing it because it’s so eerily lifelike — which is generally how we react to wax figures, because they are kinda nightmare-ish— people are freaking out because this particular Beyoncé wax figure is bad. Like, really bad. Offensively bad. All members of the Bey hive and also pretty much anybody who has even a modicum of respect for the Queen will surely look upon this wax figure and tremble with fury.

Seriously? How on EARTH did somebody look at this and go, “oh yeah, that’s TOTALLY Beyoncé.”

We’re shocked and appalled that Canada would rob fans of the opportunity for a deceptively realistic selfie, and so sorry to all the fans who’ve probably taken a selfie with this wax figure only to receive “who dis?” comments on their Instagrams because it’s totally unrecognizable.

Luckily, some Canadians apologized on behalf of their country for the nearly unforgivable gaffe.

Apparently, though, it’s not just Canada who can’t seem to capture her likeness. We agree that she’s an irreplaceable being and beauty, but, like, COME ON.

The worst of them is REALLY appalling, though. Somebody owes Beyoncé a hand written letter of apology and probably a nice flower arrangement. Maybe even an edible arrangement — it’s that badly done.

Yiiiiiikes. Our apologies to Beyoncé on behalf of all of these places. We have to wonder if Queen Bey herself ever visits a wax museum and sees these atrocities.

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