So you’ve always wanted to try going vegan, Beyoncé’s here to show you how

You know Beyoncé’s “KALE” sweatshirt? Turns out, that’s more than just a fun accessory. The Queen Bee has been rockin’ the vegan lifestyle with Jay-Z since 2013, and now, she wants to bring that opportunity to you—no really. Straight to your doorstep.

Bey is teaming up with Marco Borges, her trainer, to bring you 22 Days Nutrition, a weekly food delivery service. The vegan program specializes in plant-based foods that are gluten, soy, dairy and GMO-free.

Here’s how it works: You pick your plan, which just means you decide what meals you want delivered (lunch or dinner, lunch and dinner, or breakfast, lunch and dinner). Then, you pick for how many days you want it and when you want to start getting it. The meals will arrive on your doorstep faster than you can say “flawless.”

The food you get ranges from ratatouille pasta with pesto, to a curried Indian cauliflower and sweet potato bowl, to an almond berry breakfast loaf. If your mouth is already watering, that makes sense. The 22 Days Nutrition mission statement says that “dedication can taste like decadence.”

The name itself is based on the idea that you can break a habit (whether that’s indulging in a little too much dessert or getting fast food a little too often) in just 21 days, so by day 22 you’re a whole new person.

In terms of cost, each meal can be as low as $9.76. While it may seem like paying for 66 meals could be a little pricey, you’re actually paying pretty much what you would after doing three weeks worth of grocery shopping—but 22 Days Nutrition does the hard work for you. You don’t have to mess around with which brand to buy or count the calories. With each meal from the program, you know that you’re putting only good, healthy food into your body.

Borges says, it’s not about turning you vegan. It’s about giving people the option to make better choices, and to see the positive results that kind of commitment can produce.

“If I can do it,” Beyoncé states. “Anyone can.”

I don’t know, Beyoncé seems pretty good at doing really hard things. Just saying.

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