Beyoncé’s vegan announcement has sparked an epic emoji battle

Last night, Good Morning America released a teaser video for its Monday show with Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, featuring the Queen Bee dropping an ominous, “This is something I have to share with everyone.” The Beyhive was immediately abuzz with what it could possibly be. Was she going on tour again? Was Blue Ivy going to be a big sister? The teaser gave us no clues — but promised that it was “amazing” and we were “gonna love it.”

Instead, Beyoncé announced that she is on a vegan, plant-based diet (something we kind of already knew). Extolling the virtues of veganism alongside Marco Borges, the author behind The 22-Day Revolution, which converted her to the diet in the first place, Bey talked about how she “loves her curves” and how she struggled with dieting for years. This nutrition plan (which many have tried and have feelings about) is her jam, and that’s apparently all she had to share.

But for many diehard Beyoncé fans, the announcement didn’t really feel like news. (“She literally made the beyhive wake up early to tell us what she eats,” one Twitter user wrote. “I called out sick for you to announce you don’t like bacon?” another fan tweeted.) Bey’s vegan diet isn’t exactly breaking news. In 2013, she documented her experience with the program on Instagram, and last February, she announced a collaboration with Borges to create a vegan delivery service in Houston. I actually assumed she’d gone vegan again until I saw her eat cheeseburgers with Nicki Minaj in the Feeling Myself video.

Clearly, the majority of the interwebz agrees — and in a hilarious twist, the Beyhive has begun an emoji war on her Instagram photos between those in support of her diet and those peeved by it. “Queen Bey’s Instagram posts are being flooded by emoji, with annoyed and angry commenters leaving junk food icons in droves, and her loyal fans responding with images of fruit and veggies,” Wired reports. (As you can see, those in favor of pizza and burgers are winning at the moment.)

Of course, the disappointment over Bey’s veganism was in large part due to how much the announcement had been hyped — not because of the diet itself. The Knowles-Carter family is notoriously pretty private, and what we see of their lives is very carefully curated. Over the past couple years, Beyoncé has dropped albums, music videos, and remixes without any prior warning (or regard for the emotional health of her fans, TBH). “Pulling a Beyoncé” has become synonymous with doing anything big without announcing it ahead of time. In fact, it’s so ingrained in our vernacular that we used it in a headline about Frappuccinos earlier today. So when Beyoncé made an announcement about an announcement, everyone assumed it had to be something next-level huge. Turns out, our expectations were a wee bit too high.

As for Bey’s diet, we hope she loves her body no matter how she chooses to eat, and that her food choices aren’t based on outside pressures, but rather on what makes her feel her healthiest. Personally, we think it’s Bey’s talents and all-around badassery that make her so ***Flawless. But if she feels awesome eating vegan-style, we feel awesome for her. Apple emoji.

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