The On the Run II tour might feature never-before-seen new pics of Beyoncé’s twins

Ever since we heard that Beyoncé and Jay-Z would be joining forces for their On the Run IItour, we’ve been unable to contain our excitement. The tour’s opening night has finally arrived, and it’s already making waves, especially with reports that new pictures of the couple’s twins are featured in the intro video.

On the Run II kicked off today, June 6th, at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, U.K. From there, Beyoncé and Jay-Z will make their way through Europe before (finally!) hitting the United States on July 25th. And during the first show of the tour, the couple gave fans another glimpse of their nearly year-old twins and the wedding vow renewal they had at some point in the last year.

Just take a look at this super sweet video.

Since Beyoncé gave birth to Sir and Rumi back in June 2017, she and Jay-Z have been relatively private when it comes to sharing photos of the twins. The one photo update the couple gave was a flawless shot of Bey and the twins when they turned a month old. The just-debuted photos of the family feature Beyoncé and also Jay-Z holding the adorable babies. Both pics show the family in a lush garden, and the two images are separated by a screen that displays the sentences, “Love never changes,” and “Love is universal.”

Just look at those chubby little baby legs.



Here’s the original photo, for comparison.

Sir and Rumi have officially melted our hearts.

But maybe we shouldn’t get too excited. BuzzFeed reported this afternoon that the babies in the photos might not be the Carter twins after all. When asked if the pictures featured Beyoncé holding Rumi and Sir, a representative for the singer simply told the website “It’s not.” However, the rep did not clarify who the babies were.

More photos from the tour are sure to be released soon, and Beyoncé even shared a teaser with her Instagram followers.

Regardless of if those babies really are the Carter twins, these latest photos have us pumped to see what else Beyoncé and Jay-Z have in store for On the Run II. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for updates (and for any more surprise baby pics).

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