A tech guy messed up during Beyoncé’s second Coachella performance, but Queen Bey saved the day

We mistakenly thought that Beyoncé had peaked during her April 14th Coachella performance. Don’t ask us why we thought a Beyoncé peak existed — like we said, it was a mistake. But after seeing Bey’s second Coachella performance, we now know that the goddess is always at her peak, and will remain there forever (even if she has to turn on her own fan).

Yes, that’s right. One of Beyoncé’s tech guys forgot to turn on her diva fan during her April 21st Coachella set, and she was forced to take matters into her own hands like the #ladyboss she is. Bey noticed that a fan on stage wasn’t pointed in the right direction, so she marched on over to it to make the adjustment herself – literally mid-lyric. This is a woman who knows every nook and cranny of her sets, and — even after literally decades in the the business — genuinely cares that every little detail is perfect.

Check out the quick  moment for yourself, and prepare to bow down.


That wasn’t the only hiccup the queen encountered during the performance. She also tried to pick up sister Solange for a sisterly hug (that’s right — Solange was there, too!). Unfortunately, the Knowles girls ended up toppling over.

But, hello? They saved face like champs. Those kicks could have been choreographed for all we know.

If anything, these mishaps remind us that although we’re almost certain Beyoncé is at least half-goddess, she’s still relatable AF. Plus, the rest of the night went off without a hitch. false

Now, um, about the tech dude who wasn’t on fan duty…you have some explaining to do, sir.

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