FYI: Beyonce’s Topshop line finally has a release date

Beyoncé’s new athleisure line is finally here — almost! Topshop announced the collection over a year ago, but there hasn’t been a peep on it since. But now, the Telegraph reported a release date for Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd. That date? April 2016—just in time for spring.

The collection will tie fashion together with functionality, offering workout clothes you can wear just about anywhere—in other words, transitional pieces that take you from working out to working it, just like Queen Bey herself. The line was originally slated for a Fall 2015 launch, but was delayed to meet the company’s quality standards. The collection will feature clothing, footwear, and accessories in dance, fitness, and sports categories. Racked reports that the line will have fashion shows next Spring in both London and New York, and that Bey herself has personally tried on every outfit.

Athleisure, as Vogue reported last year, is the term used for clothes that can be taken from gym-to-street. More and more brands have ventured into workout-wear-as-everyday-wear, just as more and more of us opt for cuter gym clothes that look just as good when we decide to grab some ice cream instead of working out.

According to a study by the Journal of Consumer Research, wearing workout clothes outside of the gym actually leads to “positive inferences of status and competence in the eyes of others.” In fashion speak, it means you are feeling yourself, your style knows no bounds, and it is not to be questioned.

That said, we are so ready for Beyoncé’s line.

(Image via Instagram)