Beyoncé surprised Chance the Rapper and his reaction is the most relatable thing ever

Everything is about the VMAs today, and for good reason (they were epic). But while you’ve been reading up on all the “Formation,” Britney, and Rihanna glory, you may have missed this gem of a moment when Chance the Rapper got a little starstruck over Beyoncé (can you blame him?).

Basically, he was backstage doing an interview for MTV News with Meredith Graves, when Queen Bey (who won eight awards that night… NBD) walked up behind him, grabbed his arm, and flashed her signature smile. 

This prompted Chance the Rapper to do a double take, and then freak out — as any fan would!


“Oh my God, that was ‘Yonce!” he yelled. Naturally, he ran over to chat (though the exchange mostly consisted of him watching Graves talk to her, because he was at a loss for words) before returning to the interview with a MASSIVE smile on his face.

“This my life!” he exclaims at the end, sounding like each and every one of us would.

This whole interaction was adorable, and not just because Chance was channeling his inner-Super Mario with his hat and overalls, but because this totally adds to his signature quirk factor.

Like remember how he professed his love for the ladies of SNL? Yeah… this guy. He’s all of us.

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