The Instagram account of Beyoncé’s wardrobe stylist will inspire you to slay your next outfit

If you need style inspo, we have just the thing to slay your next ensemble.

Marni Senofonte is the creative genius, and stylist behind Ciara’s iconic Converse stripper heelsKendall Jenner’s denim shorts moment at Cannes, and a performer you might have heard of — BEYONCE.

Bey and Blue’s coordinating pastel looks at the MTV Movie Awards? That was Marni. Bey’s Michael Jackson-inspired Super Bowl look? The “Formation” video? Bey’s Gucci-heavy wardrobe in general? Marni. Marni. Marni.

If you aren’t following Marni on Instagram you’re missing out on a ton of outfit inspo (read: free styling advice.) Her layering skills are unmatched. One could describe her style as equal parts chill AF and doing the most. It’s so high/low, that it’s perfection.

These are pj’s she bought from Target that she paired with Gucci platforms and oversized jewelry. (She makes it look so easy.)


This is what it looks like when a pair of tear away pants are transformed into trousers with a balloon hem. And we won’t even try to comprehend the brilliance of that floral bustier over a graphic tee.

Who knew silver lamé, flannel, and camo could get along so harmoniously?

Grey crewnecks are an absolute wardrobe staple. Leave it to Marni to pair them with North West’s fave Balenciaga boots.

Proof everything is fiercer with a top knot.

THIS is how you do an Adidas tracksuit.

It’s only a matter of time before Beyoncé, Blue, and the twins take their layering game to peak Marni-ness — we’ll be waiting.

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