Why Beyoncé’s Instagram Love For Solange Makes Us Happy

If you’ve been within a mile of the internet this week, you’ve heard about Beyonce’s sister Solange physically attacking Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z after the Met Ball. A security camera caught the footage. Beyonce and Solange have remained zip-lipped in the days following the family feud. Well, we all know that old saying about actions and words and one speaking louder than the other. Yesterday Solange took to Instagram and purged her account of all pictures of her sister save one, a shot posted over a year ago captioned “Girls Moment.”

I don’t condone the violence that appeared to take place on the security camera footage in any way, shape or form. But beyond that, I don’t know what’s going on behind those closed doors. None of us do. I can’t comment on Solange’s rightness or wrongness in purging her sister’s image because I, along with the rest of the world, have no idea what is going on with all those Carters and Knowles’.

What I do know is that Beyonce could have lashed back out against her sister in any number of public ways. Or she could have just gone AWOL from social media until the next celebrity scandal happened and the heat was taken off her family. Instead, she lived up to her nickname QUEEN BEY, and classed up this conflict by posting some of just the sweetest, prettiest, happiest shots of the sisters.

This is an A+ big sister move if ever I’ve seen an A+ big sister move. I’m not Beyonce (I am DEFINITELY NOT BEYONCE) but I am a big sister and I know that when my younger siblings go on the hard offense it’s tough not to play hard defense. Emotions run high in family conflicts. The high road can seem almost impossible to take. That said, that high road is EXACTLY the road Beyonce appears to be taking. Her pictures speak volumes. They say “You can try to get rid of me, but I’m not getting rid of you. You can be so angry you almost hate me, but your almost-hate will never make me stop loving you. I love you and I’m not going anywhere. I’m posting these shots of happier times because we are sisters for life and whatever is going on between us now, I trust that we can get past it and have moments like these again.”

It’s hurtful when someone you love lashes out at you in such a public way. I recently heard the expression “When someone is being their least lovable, that’s when they need your love the most.” Beyonce’s open-hearted response to her sister’s snub seems like the loveliest way to love someone who still needs her sister’s love so very, very, very much.

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