Beyoncé has a secret Snapchat, and people are totally going crazy trying to find it

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Beyoncé has a secret Snapchat, and people are so desperate to find it that they’re absolutely and hilariously freaking out.

Yesterday (February 23rd) was a big news day for Queen B. The singer, who recently revealed she’s expecting twins, pulled out of her headline slot at this year’s Coachella, much to the chagrin of festival goers and fans. Saying that, however, the singer and her management did announce that she planned to headline the festival in 2018 once those Beybies are born.

What’s more, Bey also broke her self-imposed social media silence yesterday to support transgender youth, and we love that she’s speaking up on this important matter.

However, there’s one more thing that has the Beyhive in a tizzy.

Yesterday Beyoncé shared a rare candid picture on to Instagram with her daughter Blue Ivy and it had Snapchat filters on it.

Now, as far as we know, Beyoncé doesn’t have a public Snapchat account, but it seems that this photo proves otherwise. In fact, Bey is pretty private when it comes to how she presents herself, just take a look at her baby bump photoshoots (yes there were multiple). Basically, if Beyoncé doesn’t want us to know something then, well, we won’t

Yet that hasn’t stopped members of the Beyhive hilariously losing it on social media. false


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Given how secretive Beyoncé is about her life, her career, and, well, pretty much everything, we feel that it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get to find out what her Snapchat username, no matter how much the Beyhive hunt for it.

In fact, we’d pretty much bet that, unless Beyoncé were to release a new visual album on the platform, we’ll never have an answer to this mystery.

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