Beyoncé’s rose-red maternity dress just went on sale

You don’t have to be pregnant to get excited about this piece of news. Beyoncé’s red maternity dress just went on sale — so pregnant or not — it’s time to get your wallet out. The queen of all that is good wore a beautiful Halston Heritage dress to Roc Nation vice president, Lenny Santiago’s, birthday party. She posted a slideshow of herself and the event on Instagram yesterday, leaving us breathless, yet again.

Not only is the Halston Heritage oxblood dress on sale for $237, but it’s also not strictly a maternity dress. Even those of us who haven’t experienced the miracle of creating life first-hand can wear a Beyoncé-approved look.

The Halston Heritage Flowy Crepe Gown started at $395, which is fairly reasonable considering who wore it. To be fair though, Bey did pair the dress with $860 Prada heels and a $1,250 Saint Laurent bag.

Since announcing her pregnancy back in February, she’s been serving us maternity looks that borderline on holy.

This green goddess outfit made Bey look like Mother Nature in human form.

She’s kept most of her looks fairly simple, most likely to pridefully display her bump. We’d love it if Beyoncé could publish a how-to book all about styling yourself while pregnant.

But perhaps it’s less about styling a pregnancy, and more about staying true to your fashion sense while pregnant. There’s no need to give up your style because of your growing belly!

We can’t wait until the new babies arrive, but we’ll also be sad to see Bey’s maternity looks go. They’re just too good!

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