Did Beyoncé just subtly reveal news about the gender of her twins?

Since Beyoncé announced her pregnancy, we have been quietly (read: loudly) gathering evidence on the much-awaited Carter twins. As it turns out, we’re not the only wannabe baby detectives because many suspect Beyoncé subtly revealed the gender of her babies based on a very minor detail.

As with mostly everything Bey does, she leaves us scraping for clues until we’re about to implode from anticipation, and we gotta say: Not knowing the gender of Bey and Jay Z’s twins is low-key driving us insane. Earlier last month, we thought Bey’s father might’ve revealed the gender of the twins but sadly, that was a false alarm.

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Since then, we hadn’t noticed anything else to arouse suspicion, until a keen-eyed fan pointed out that the oval earrings the singer is wearing in her latest baby bump photo are the same ones she wore in the video for her 2008 single “If I Were a Boy.”

OK, so as some fans have pointed out, this may sound like a bit of a reach, but this isn’t your average celebrity baby investigation. Bey has a reputation for being elusive and going to extremes to keep her projects under wraps, so we have to take every single thing into account.

No one knows that better than this fan who has also determined a rough estimate of the twins’ due date, also based on Beyoncé’s jewelry selection:


Ordinarily, we’d be embarrassed about our level of commitment to this celebrity baby cause, but if the Beyhive thinks something is worth looking into, we will continue to shamelessly follow along while binge-watching Bey videos for more possible clues.

Who else is anxiously counting down the days until May arrives?